Headline from "Your Voice" Shropshire Disability Network - April 2014. 

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Question: "What size will the font be, can we see a same page?" 

Answer: Here is a preview of the first chapter 

Comments so far:

"After two chapters, I know I am going to learn more about ICSD and the Deaflympics than I have in the last 20 years!" 

" What a good read. I can't stop reading this book!" 

" I am sure I will be taking notes throughout reading your book but I have already decided that as part of my disability course next year my students have to make a statement to raise awareness about disability."

"Good book!, It tells us that explaining deafness & the Deaflympics globally and nationally must be a priority."

"The book makes you think about things, for example, I would prefer that ICSD explores a partnership with the IPC rather than membership."

"More people should read this book as not only is it promoting the deaf sports it is waking up society to the rough ordeal that deaf world has to face each day." 

Meet the Author:

14th-18th July 2015 − 9th Deaf History International Conference, Edinburgh


"Stuart Harrison … came to Hamilton Lodge School this week. His book highlights the struggles for recognition and equality of the Deaflympics. He said of his time with us "Engaging with staff and pupils… discussing the politics of disability sport. Young people are so inspiring!". See report here

The book is now available on-line via its publishers, Action Deafness Books, you can order your copy now and get involved in the actions outlined by the author.